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Simran N'golet

Spiritual Life Coach, Mentor, Sound Healer, Galactic Priestess

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Hey There, Soul Warrior! I'm Simran

I am a Spiritual Mentor and Sound Healer for purpose driven spiritual seekers just like you! 

My spiritual revolution started in 2010 after coming to realize that the paradigm of organized religion did not fit me! It was then when my spiritual mentors shared with me that I was a "wayshower" a person who's soul's purpose is to help others find theirs.

I now help other spiritual seekers unlock their spiritual gifts and bring to life a meaningful soul's calling that lights up their life.

"Simran is a beautiful divine guidance on one’s path on the ascension journey! She not only broke down everything for me to clearly understand with past soul guidance, but also with my Galactic heritage guidance as well. She was a blessing at holding space for me during pivotal transformations during my own breakthroughs while working on my inner finding of self. I highly recommend Simran and have immediately during our time working together recommended her to other Light Beings I’ve met in passing, that is how transformative her work is!"

Lauren Oxman

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