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Hey Starshine, I'm Simran!

I am a Spiritual Mentor and Certified Integral Sound Healer. I am passionate about helping spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and mystics uncover their latent gifts and bring their soul's purpose to life.

My spiritual journey blasted off in 2010 after questioning my upbringing in organized religion for years.

It was when indigenous mentors of mine told me that I was what is called a "wayshower". Someone who's purpose is to help others find theirs.

The Stars Have Always Captivated Me...

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Through my work as an oracle and galactic priestess, I use my connection to the celestial energies to help others reach their fullest potential through the power of their galactic heritage. 

Some Fun Things About Me

I'm a Gemini Sun/Leo Rising/Libra Moon

A 4/6 Manifesting Generator in Human Design

My Starseed Type is Blueprint Technician and Pleiadian

My Favorite Color Is Purple

I love pasta and noodles! 

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