Work With Me 1:1

Ascension Support 1:1 Coaching

This is an 8 or 12 month program for the starseed mystic ready to master their manifesting power and turn their soul's purpose into a powerful world-changing calling! 

This is a customizable program with the option to explore energetic alignment to turning your calling into a soul-aligned business.

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Galactivate | Virtual VIP Day

1 Day Intensive to birth your soul's calling into the world

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Soul Blueprint Activation

This Intensive will take you on a journey to discovering who you truly are at soul-level, your gifts, life lessons and clearing all the energetic blocks standing in between you and living in your divine path and purpose. 

I will access your Soul Blueprint in the Akashic Records and gather all the information on what makes!

You will learn your galactic origins, your spiritual gifts, and receive an energetic clearing of the core blocks holding you back from your highest potential.

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Soul Manifesting Blueprint Analysis & Coaching

In this package, I tap into your Akashic Record and download your soul's manifesting blueprint a unique recipe that governs your specific manifesting style and I show you how to apply it to your day to day life so you can consciously create on tap

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Soul Guidance Sessions

1 hour coaching and energy clearing session for spiritual seekers looking for clarity and guidance.

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Private Virtual Sound Journey

1 hour Private Guided Meditation and Sound Bath via Zoom

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